Membership Information.
Starting with our 2010 Annual Conference in March we have given a free one year membership to anyone who pays registration for the conference.
For those that didn't attend the conference but still want to be members of the CC-AWA, the dues for one year are still $10.

At the CC-AWA Board of Directors meeting on May 22nd the board decided to move into the 21st century and make our future newsletters electronic. They will be via downloadable PDF file or viewable on-line.

For those members that do not have email or access to a computer, OR just prefer to get a printed copy of the newsletter annual membership will be $15.
This membership option will be available on the registration form for the annual conference or can be mailed directly to our club treasurer Clare Owens.

Our membership year runs from March to March.

Below is a copy of a letter that was included with the current issue of the newsletter.

CC-AWA membership

Standard membership in the CC-AWA is $10 per year, this gets you our electronic newsletter "The Carolina Antenna" which is issued quarterly.
This does not include membership in the Antique Wireless Association.

The electronic newsletter will be avaliable on-line in PDF format for download
or direct viewing. You can also request to receive direct via email

If you don't have email or access to an on-line computer, a printed version
of the newsletter can be had for $15 per year.

Mail membership payment to:

Clarence Owens
101 Grassy Ridge Ct.
Apex, NC 27502-4467